Sunday, December 16, 2012

The (lack of) Holiday Spirit!

Every year when Halloween draws near I become this giddy annoyingly happy person.  It's the beginning of the holiday season!  However, by December 1, I could be considered the Grinch's cousin. (Twice removed).  This year I thought for sure I had broken that.  I made it to the first and was excited about getting the Yule/ Christmas tree up.  Most of the presents had been bought, I had brand new beautiful wrapping paper, and all was well.

Or not.

Due to very stressful circumstances at work and a few at home all my spirit seems to have run off on me.  I had grand plans to have the tree up and decorated the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Just this past week has the tree even been pulled out of storage and finally assembled.  Mind you it is not fluffed nor decorated but it is at least up.  Still I feel rather Scrooge-ish and just want to tear it back down, put it away, and hide my head in the sand until December 26th.

This lack of spirit seems to be putting a damper on my wanting to start my "Do the Stuff" challenge.  I have not done any research for my Yule ritual.  It is not called a challenge for nothing so I will push through.  I am done with classes for a month so perhaps one less stress will free up some space to allow the spirit to come back to me.

I am a sensitive creature.  As much as I like to pretend I am not, I will have to admit I am.  The bad kind of stress really wears on me.  I am working to resolve it at work, and now I need to work on it here at home also.  This season is supposed to be one of joy, laughter, for the mundane to really believe in magic, and for the witches to harness that magic and make it apart of us.  The mundane parts of life can get in the way but we witches need to remember that we don't have to let it take over.  I have been letting it take over.

I will do my Yule ritual and I will continue headstrong into my "Do the  Stuff" challenge.  I will stand up and not let those negative things strip me of my holiday cheer.  I am a witch and I can harness the energy around to aid me in my journey.

Remember witches, we have the power to change things for us.  Some times we may need to tap into a little extra to give us the push we need, but we have the ability to do it.  Use it.

This has been a great release and a wonderful pep talk!  Now I am off to finish decorating this damn Yule tree tonight!

Blessings and Love,

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