Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sunshine and wine!

As an early Christmas present, I got tickets to a wine trail near my home town for my dad and I.  I woke up with it raining and dreary.  Most winery's are outside and that just wasn't going to be okay! I put out a call for quick weather magic help.  I was rushing to get ready and all I could think of was "Rain, rain go away..."

Fire Lyte over at came to my rescue. (Thanks!)  He suggested sunstone, seashell, candle and a quartz stone.  My library of stones is woefully small.  I only had the quartz crystal and the candle on hand.  So I decided to improvise with orange and yellow crayons to draw the symbolism that I was wanting.  I did the spell and hopped into the shower.

Well it sort of worked, for a little bit.  The sun was trying to peak through the clouds.  I do have to say it did not rain anymore and it didn't start to chill until later in the afternoon, but the sun was only able to peak from behind the clouds for a little bit.  I am thinking next time, if I don't have the sunstone, I can use my Sun card from one of my tarot decks and not rush through it like I did this last one.

Thoughts to remember!

Now on to the wine!  Like I said I purchased tickets to a wine trail as a Christmas present for my dad.  It was a Cheese and Wine trail through seven wineries in the Hermann area.  It was amazing.  Some of the cheese and wine pairings were so unique and delicious.  My favorite foods were the cheese crepe covered with an artichoke sauce and the strawberry and cream cheese croissant.   My favorite wines that were with the pairings was the mulled raspberry wine and the strawberry wine. My favorite wines not with the pairings was the Frosty Meadow White and the Sweet Ambrosia. Last but not least my favorite pairing was the strawberry wine and strawberry and cream cheese croissant.  I am very much looking forward to having this as a new tradition for my dad and I.  

I love that Hermann has five different wine trails through out the year.  Dad and I are already talking about hitting up the Berries & BarBQ Wine Trail in July.  If you are in Missouri check out and find a wine trail near you!  If you aren't in Missouri check out your states government website and see what is out there.

Even with a semi-failed spell the day was wonderful!  The wineries were gorgeous and I bet in the Spring they would be a stunning sight.  

Blessings until next time!

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