Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sickly Slacker

I have been doing my "Do the Stuff" challenge but I just haven't taken any time to write about it.  I was not able to do a "big" ritual or rite on Yule, but I did stop for a few moments and honor the return of the light.  The rest of the night I spent curled up with a little girl that wasn't feeling the greatest.

I was at my mom's the night of the Full Moon.  She has this great beautiful 1/2 wall of windows that the moonlight just poured into.  I sat in front of that window, after all the occupants of the house had snuggled in for bed, with my new rocks and did a simple rite to push negativity away from me and draw in the good things.  I then left the stones to charge in the window over night.  It was beautiful!  The moonlight was bouncing off the snow, it was quiet in the house, and the energy just flowed.

Tonight is the New Moon and it sneaked up on me to be honest.  Three of the five people in my house have been sick with a nasty chest cold and now myself and the other non-effected have begun to show signs of a an impeding sickness.  Le sigh.  So, this evening I will be refraining from any rites and going to bed as soon as the bratlings have been tucked in and kissed goodnight.

Though I may be refraining from a rite tonight I have not been slacking.  I have a few spells I have been working on, as well as clear space to re-setup my alter, working on plans for an herb cabinet, getting ready for classes to start, catching up on Lost Girl, snuggling and cuddling the kids, and many other parent related things.  No wonder I've begun to feel sick!  Oh and started physical therapy whee!

One of the spells I have been working on is a Hotfoot spell.  I have a problem at work that is hateful and rude and I am not going to let it run me out of a job that I actually enjoy.  As I was putting the ingredients together in my head I kept coming up against a wall as to what type of container I should use.  Then tonight I had a TA DA! moment.  I had saved quite a few baby food jars and the little level one jars would be perfect to hold all the ingredients I will be using.  Now, I just need a trip to a printer and a graveyard.

Alright it is time to corral these children and get them started on their bedtime routine.

Blessed Be!


PS.  I have been also catching up on podcasts and have come across some great ideas that I would like to share and perhaps incorporate into my own practice.  Until next time!

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