Thursday, December 6, 2012

A new beginning and cravings of the soul

It's that time of year where the days will soon become longer. The time of new beginnings and starting over. That includes redoing my blog and I plan to start  a "Do the Stuff" challenge.  I have recently gotten caught up with the Inciting a Brewhaha podcast and really dug the "Do the Stuff" challenge Velma and Fire Lyte talked about.  So, I went peeking around Fire Lyte's blog and was even more inspired to try this for myself.  I have been bogged down with the craving for more.  More spirituality, more insightful conversations, more from myself.  Just MORE!  I will soon be 30 and I am ready to shed the old me and step into a new, more motivated me.  What better way than to challenge myself to DO it?

My "Do the Stuff" challenge will be two-fold.  I plan to really embrace my spirituality.  I have been trying for a few years to really get on track and, while I have done more in the past couple of years, I am no where near where I wish to be.  So, my spirituality part will be to:

  • Do the rituals for Sabbats and Esbets that resonate with me ( This means research!)
  • Decorate for the Sabbats
  • Continue with my Alphabet Project (inspired by Velma)
  • Do weekly spells
  • Do weekly tarot work
The second part will be for my family.  I want to do more with my children.  I am thinking these are some areas I plan to focus on:
  • 1 on 1 with Mom for all 3 kids
  • Bake/Make things
  • Bedtime stories
  • Board game nights
  • Include the kids in some of my Spirituality challenges.
I will begin my "Do the Stuff" challenge on Yule and will continue until Midsummer.  Part of a side thing for the "Do the Stuff" is to try and share with you all about my journey. My main goal is to at least post my findings from the Sabbat rituals and my spells.

On another note.  As I have said I have gotten caught up with Inciting a Brewhaha and listening to Velma and Fire Lyte and their guests have made me crave theological conversations.  I threw out a line to my girls and asked if they wanted to sit down and have a theological conversation over dinner and drinks.  I got a few positive responses and I am excited to try and find time to 1) have some needed girl time and 2) have an engaging discussion.  My husband is not one to talk about "religion" so while we can have interesting conversations that is one topic that "is mine".  He states he is fine with me doing my witchy stuff and to just let him know so he doesn't interrupt but it is frustrating that I can't go "Oh! guess what just happened?" 

So if anyone out there is looking for a discussion partner you can contact me here or @Kyttin on twitter.


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