Sunday, January 27, 2013

Full Moon and Courage

The full moon has come.  I did not do a Full Moon rite but I did put together a spell.  I found out that my local health food store has lots of herbs, oils and other that I can get supplies.  I was missing a key ingredient for the spell I was trying to accomplish and in the end found the substitute.

I have recently picked up two new non-witchy herbal books.  The Herb Bible and Growing Your Own Drugs.  The thought of being able to do magic and mundane with herbs is fascinating.  So I fully intend to explore both sides.  I received a wonderful blank journal from a witchy friend that I am using to store found and created herbal recipes.

In other news, I have been listening to New World Witchery and have heard of some really great ideas that I'd like to further investigate.  Hoodoo being one of them.  The same witchy friend sent me a Hoodoo Courage candle and on the outside of it has a wonderful courage pray to Joan of Arc.  I have certainly needed all the courage I could get in more than one aspect of my life lately.  I have needed the courage to continue going into work and dealing with a hateful supervisor, I have needed courage to look inside, see the darkness, turn on the lights and face whatever is laying there.

I am still standing at the top of the stairs for now but I will make my away.  I hope all of you had a blessed Full Moon.  Don't forget that Imbolc is coming up. Quickly.  On top of doing my research for my paper I will also be doing research to hold a small rite on Imbolc.  Wish me luck!

Until Next Time! Blessed Be!

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